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The science behind lookielookies

When people first pick up a lookielookie, they might ask “What does this do? Does it really help me take better photos of my little one?” “How about older kids?” “How do I use it?”  

In order to help answer these questions, we decided to show you how we came up with lookielookie and the science behind it. We have gone through many prototypes and put in a lot of thought to arrive at our patent-pending lookielookie version that you see today!


First, let’s talk about lights. Researchers say that babies are especially attracted to lights. In the first few months, babies are particularly attracted by bright lights and primary colors. That’s why so many baby toys come with flashing lights too. To maximize the effect of using lights, we have selected a special pattern of blinking lights and changing colours that is interesting to babies. The LED has also been frosted to not affect the photo quality and be gentle on the eyes as well.  Of course, toddlers and pre-schoolers also love the cute faces of these lookielookie creatures!

Ease of Use

Parents nowadays often have many camera devices: smartphones, tablets, point and shoots, DSLRs...etc. Thanks to the affordability of DSLR cameras nowadays, many parents have become avid photographers themselves. We wanted to come up a device that is so simple that you can basically stick it the screen of any digital camera/phone and be able to use it right away! We use strong, high grade silicone attachment with a stability disc, so that there is minimal movement of the suction once you attach it to a screen.  

How do you position lookielookie on the phone/camera? Well, after many development cycles, we have designed an extension rod that allows you to adjust the length to easily rest the lookielookie right on the phone/camera. It’s truly one size fits all!  To get the best pictures, we have come up with two adjustable hinges that allow you to position the lookielookie as close to the camera lens at possible. This design also allows easy switching between shooting in portrait and landscape mode without reattaching the lookielookie.

lookielookie Character/World Design

When we first started thinking about our lookielookie character, we started with the regular animals like sheep, rabbits, kittens etc. We picked rabbits as my sister and I have always loved bunnies as we were growing up. Using rabbits as an inspiration, we gave our lookielookie a cute and friendly face, and chubby and bubbly body. The lookielookie face is inspired by our daughter Madelyn.   When Madelyn was just a baby, she had very big round eyes, a button nose and a small patch of hair like a little faux hawk and you can see these elements in our lookielookie character design.

Growing more attached to this cute and cuddly face, we imagined our lookielookies to be curious, kind and adventurous, and we thought, why not give these creatures a world where the imagination is endless? Therefore we came up the lookielookie land, an adventure land full of life and cool elements. These lookielookie creatures also travel to different worlds to meet new friends! We invite you and your little ones to go on this adventure with us. The lookielookie world is waiting for all of us to discover! 

So here you go. Grab a lookielookie, put it in your cute carrying case and bring it everywhere you go! You don’t want to miss out on capturing precious memories with your little one(s)! Do you have a lookiecutie? We would love to meet them!

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