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We find that babies at different age react differently to our lookielookies. Younger babies are instinctively attracted by the blinking light, but as they get more mobile, they might be very curious to explore their surroundings, so playing some fun games with them with the lookielookies will help engage their attention. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you use your lookielookies more effectively and make taking photos with lookielookies a fun experience for you and your dear little one!

1) Say "lookielookie!" everytime you want your little one to look at the bunny to take a photo! With a bit of repetition, your little one will start to look for the lookielookie everytime they hear you say it. And as they get a bit older, they'll learn to say "lookielookie" themselves every time they see it. We chose the name "lookielookie" because it automatically puts a smile on their face every time they say it!

2) Play "find the lookielookie". With the lookielookie attached to your camera, hide the lookielookie with your hand and ask them to find the lookielookie. When you press the button and uncover it, they'll see the lookielookie and their eyes will light up and smile when they find and recognize the friendly face of their lookielookie.

3) The lighting outdoors and indoors can be quite different. Here's a neat trick to help control the length and brightness of the flashing light to best attract the attention of your little one. If you are taking photos outdoors and want the light to stay on longer and brighter, just hold the button for a couple extra seconds. The longer you hold down the button, the longer the light will stay on and it will also stay brighter.

4) For toddlers who are easily distracted, it works great to bring the lookielookie nice and close to catch their attention first before stepping back for a quick photo. This works great at the beginning before they recognize that hearing "lookielookie" means to look for the bunny and smile.

And most importantly have fun with it! We love hearing from parents how the lookielookies makes taking photos a fun and easy experience. In our next blog, we plan to talk about professional tips on how to take better baby photos using any camera, stay tuned!

  • Carole Fuchs says...

    Can’t wait to get mine and start taking pics with my lookielookie!!

    On Jan 23, 2016

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