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Lookielookies on Dragon's Den!

Lookielookies on Dragon's Den

Lookielookies on Dragon's Den!  What an experience!! 

We were just filmed facing the dragons on Dragon's Den.  Our sweet little Lookielookies mascot Maddy had such a blast chilling with the awesome Dragons during our pitch.  Just look at that smile!

I was so happy I got to snap this photo during the filming of our pitch, and yes they are all looking at the Lookielookie on my camera when I took this photo ;)
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  • Janice from Lookielookies says...

    Aww, thank you so much Jen! I am happy to hear that you’re enjoying your Lookielookies and it was such an absolute pleasure meeting you!

    On Oct 16, 2016

  • Jen Hamilton says...

    Awesome, Janice, I wish you the very best…. I gave the Lookies to my niece, my nephew (who now has double the use) twin girls, and a friend, I kept one for my own use…. never know when and where it might come in handy…. it attaches to my camera strap ,……. love them, Jen Hamilton (we met at Metrotown)

    On Sep 27, 2016

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