About Us

Janice & Maddy
First and foremost, I am a very proud mama of a cheeky little 3 year old girl Madelyn.  When Maddy was a baby she inspired me to creating a product that could help mamas/babies.  Like all new parents, we LOVED taking tons of photos of our little girl.  But we had the same issue that every parent has: getting our little Maddy to look at the camera and smile genuinely was not easy and sometimes quite frustrating.  We ended up taking hundreds of photos just to get a few good pictures and usually it involved my husband jumping up and down, waving a stuffed animal or phone and singing/dancing like a madman just to get her attention.  And even then, she ends up looking at him and not at the camera!
And this is how the lookielookies idea was born.  I wanted to create a cute product that will help parents take better photos of their babies and make it fun and easy to capture their beautiful little smiles.  We started by designing the lookielookie cartoon character.  We went through so many designs to come up with a cute character that is unique and easily recognizable by babies.  Our final design of an odd little egg-shaped bunny with different colored ears really did the trick!  We also found that colorful blinking lights was one of the best ways to attract and hold babies attention, so we incorporated that into our design as well.  And finally, we developed a patent-pending camera attachment that would allow our lookielookies to be easily attached to any digital camera or smartphone instantly and position it close to the lens.  Our little family has 2 DSLR's, 1 Point & Shoot Camera and 2 Smartphones for taking photos.  So the last thing we want is for mamas to worry whether a product will work on their camera and if they need to buy different versions for different devices, we wanted it to work on all of their cameras without any fuss.  And an interesting tidbit, we chose the name lookielookies because it automatically puts your face into a smile when you say it.  It still works on our daughter because every time she sees it her eyes light up and she yells out "lookielookie"!
And that is how our lookielookies came to life!  I hope to bring lookielookies to every parent and help them capture all those precious moments that they'll cherish for years.

Owner & Creator of Lookielookies