How Lookielookies Work

Designed by professional baby photographers, the Lookielookies put the tricks and concepts learned from years of professionally photographing babies into every parents' hands.   The Lookielookies engages your little one's attention while keeping both your hands free to focus on take the perfect picture!  No more blurry photos from waving or jumping around to get your little one's attention.  And here are some of the great features that makes Lookielookies work so effectively:

Watch how easy it is to setup and adjust the positioning of the Lookielookie on a Smartphone or DSLR.  The patent pending design allows the Lookielookies to attach and detach to any device quicker than you can say "Lookielookie"!



The Lookielookies efficiently attracts and holds the attention of babies and young children using it's engaging colourful flashing lights and the instantly recognizable smiling Lookielookie bunny! The colorful flashing lights are the most effective way to capture your baby's attention and watch as your little one's eyes light up with recognition and smile right back at the Lookielookie bunny.


The Lookielookies are designed to place the focal point in the optimal position above the camera lens for the very best photos. Having your baby look slightly above the lens is a really great photography trick that helps your baby's eyes look even bigger and more captivating!


Many parents have realized how important it is to capture all the wonderful moments of their child growing up and most parents have multiple cameras. So the Lookielookies are designed to work universally on all models of Smartphones, Tablets, Point & Shoots and even professional DSLR cameras. The Lookielookies are truly one device fits all and are compact enough to fit in your camera bag or purse easily with the included matching protective carrying case.

Lookielookie Cuties
The Lookielookies work so effectively that even professional baby photographers use them in their photoshoots and they're so intuitive to use that any parent can use them to capture precious baby photos. The Lookielookies are helping parents everywhere take better baby photos and they've been featured on Tri-City News, Global News and it's even been filmed for Dragon's Den!

Bring a Lookielookie home today!