meet the lookielookies

These fun-loving little lookielookies live in lookielookie land, a colourful clay planet that's far far away.  Three best friends, named zookie, jookie and yookie, just love to travel the galaxy together in their swiss-cheese spaceship. One day, they landed on Earth and found a magical little camera. The lookielookies were amazed at how the camera would make people look and smile at them!! The magic worked even better on little Earth babies, who laughed and giggled with glee!   That day, zookie, jookie and yookie promised to visit Earth every year, to bring us laughter and smiles with their magical mini cameras!  


zookie is the brave one.   As the fearless leader of this playful trio, zookie always dreamed of exploring faraway galaxies and finding new adventures. With his two best friends, jookie and yookie by his side, zookie is ready for action and excitement!




jookie is the silly one. jookie loves being a little jokester and making everyone laugh. jookie has countless goofy faces and silly jokes... and he isn't afraid to use them! jookie adores little Earth babies, and loves to make them laugh! There is never a dull moment with jookie around!




yookie is the clever one. yookie built the swiss-cheese spaceship that carries these 3 best friends all over the universe! She also discovered the secrets to the camera's magic powers. Big or small...there isn't a problem that yookie can't solve!

zookie, jookie and yookie make the perfect little team! Their mission is to travel around earth and make little friends they meet around the world smile and laugh. 

Bring a lookielookie home with you today!